Oh my gosh!! FINALLY we can go on vacations and not worry about our sweet furry babies. We are so grateful to have found Denver Wag Walkers! Nikki is seriously on top of it you guys. She has surrounded herself with an amazing group of people to work with. All of them love animals so much. We have had Logan and Tracy stay at our house for sleepovers. They both did an excellent job! Lots of texts and pictures of our pups everyday. They played ball with them and just took awesome care of them! I really can\'t elaborate enough on what a great job they both did! Our babies were so happy and relaxed with them both. Nikki would come over during the days and let Stella and Logan out, play ball with them, love on them and feed them. Our babies love Nikki!! Nikki is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition! I am so grateful for all of her advice. Thanks to Nikki we have switched our doggies over to a raw diet and they are just thriving!! It's amazing to see such a change in there health so quickly. Thank you Nikki! We actually met Nikki 3 years ago at a weimaraner rescue meet and greet. We wanted to have 2 weim's and she took her time and paired up the dogs she thought would be the best of buddies.....and best for us. She hit the jackpot. Stella and Logan have so much fun together and we couldn't love our babies more! So when we found out she had a service taking care of furry babies, we called her right away. I seriously don't think she charges enough money for her services. Finding quality people who care on this level is priceless! -Kristin and Greg Elson

Denver Wag Walkers is absolutely wonderful. Nikki and Rico's appreciation of even the most spirited dog was immediately evident as soon as we met them. Our two labs can be a handful but never overwhelm Rico during their regular weekly walks. Madison (yellow lab) and Bradley (black lab) always look forward to walks around Wash Park and absolutely adore Rico. They yelp with excitement every time he opens the gate. Scheduling is always a breeze and I appreciate knowing my pups are loved and exercised at the same time. After discovering our oldest child was highly allergic to dogs, Nikki tirelessly researched tactics to reduce shedding and dander in the house and offered up a number of resources to help us out. They always go the extra mile and we couldn't have made it through the last year without them. I highly recommend them! -Stacey & Todd Helman


I travel a LOTTTT for work with very little notice and Denver Wag Walkers were always quick, responsive and available to take care of my 2 dachshunds. My dogs loved their walkers for both walks and the overnight stays. The walkers always kept me up-to-date with photos throughout the day to let me know the dogs were having fun, which I think is a great added touch. I just moved to NYC and just hope I can find as good of a group of walkers in NYC as the Denver Wag Walkers. -Connie


Rico is fantastic with my puppy, Georgia. I always look forward to receiving a text and a picture describing what she did that day on her walk. In addition to being fun and loved by my pup, Rico is extremely professional and I can always count on him to be reliable and keep track of what is sometimes a hectic schedule for me! Nikki used to walk my old dog too and she is amazing with dogs as well. I don\'t know what I would do without them, and I always recommend Denver Wag Walkers to any pet owners I come across! -Meghan Schaefer

Nikki and Rico are the absolute best!! These two people LOVE and care for dogs so very much.IT IS THEIR LIFE!!! Rico walks my dogs 4 days a week and they just love him. It feels so good to not have to worry about working a long day when your dogs are taken care of. He sends me pictures of them and it always makes my day to get them while working. I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone... whether you work long hours or go out of town... they are the BEST!!!!! -Jennifer

We use Denver Wag Walkers for overnight stays when we are on vacation. Rico does an amazing job taking care of our weimeraner, Lucy. He makes sure she gets two walks a day and gives her lots of love and attention. He also takes care of our 180 gallon salt water fish tank while staying at our house and does a great job. Rico goes above and beyond the call of duty when at our house , shoveling snow or taking care of problems that may arise when we are gone. He brings in mail and when we come back home the house is clean and well taken care of. I could never board my dog at a kennel - Denver Wag Walkers allows us to leave town and feel comfortable that all is well at home. Nikki runs does an excellent job of running the company. Her prices are fair and I feel very comfortable that all of her employees are excellent. Thank you Denver Wag Walkers for taking great care of our Lucy! -Lisa S.

Nikki is absolutely wonderful! She is truly the momma to our dogs and pampers them like they are hers. She is always available and full of great advise. Because of her, our dogs are happy, healthy, and at least a little more obedient:) -Kathy C.

The service I have had from Denver Wag Walkers for the past three and a half years is second to none. I enthusiastically recommend them. I use DWW for dog walking and pet sitting. My weimaraner is a high energy dog that needs a strong leader, whether it is someone walking him for 15 min or pet sitting for a weekend. He also has a special diet. I completely trust Nikki, Rico and Tracy to care for him the way I do. I get texts and pictures when NIkki walks and feeds him on those nights I have to stay late from work. She brings in my mail, too. But she knows my dog well enough that the mail has to go on a high shelf so he can't eat it. When it comes to pet sitting, Rico and Tracy are the best. Again, there are lots of texts and picture updates. Rico has been our go to pet sitter for the past three years. Recently, he was booked for the weekend I needed him. Tracy was available, so I was happy to have her stay. She came over a few days before I left to get to know my dog and go over his routine. We went over his commands and how to walk him, as well as his counter surfing talents and how to avoid any accidental ingestion of things that aren't his food. After meeting with her, I quickly realized that she also represents the excellence of DWW. I am so grateful for the services they provide! -Karen B.

Nikki has been walking Millie since she was 6 months old. Millie is a high energy mini Aussie who needs a firm and consistent hand. Nikki has been instrumental in helping with Millie's training and care through her daily interactions with her. She truly is Millie's best friend and part of my support. Tracy has also been wonderful with Millie too. -Becky M.